• General contractor

    We provide commercial design and construction, as well as custom residential remodeling.

  • Construction management

    We specialize in providing comprehensive construction management solutions tailored to meet your project's unique needs.

  • Software development

    We provide high quality code, pushing further the possibilities of internet.

  • Financial technology

    We create software, mobile app. & other technologies to streamline finance for businesses and individuals.

  • Blockchain technology

    We are a team of Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Developers, building decentralized applications

About us

We are a leading project management company providing design, implementation and supervision services.

At Mzenga Capital, we pride ourselves on quality, excellence, and integrity. With our proven project delivery method, we strive to provide a stress-free experience; from project inception and execution to final commissioning. Check out our commercial, design, and residential services, and then let’s get started on your next project..

Project Management

We are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive resources, expert guidance, and valuable insights into the world of project management.

Software development

Delivering flawless web applications is our forte. Should you choose to work with us? we’ll leave you with a product that’s functional, effective and engaging to your end-user.

Product design

We aim at developing innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing products that fulfill user needs and bring value to the market. Share with us you vision, we develop your product.

What we do?

We prioritize the needs and aspirations of our clients, ensuring that our strategies and actions align with their expectations and desires. By placing the client at the forefront, we create an environment that fosters meaningful connections, exceptional experiences, and long-lasting relationships.

  • Web Applications

    We are at the forefront of developing advanced and innovative web applications with state-of-the-art technology.

  • Mobile Applications

    Our applications are designed to be compatible with mobile devices, including those without internet access, by utilizing USSD technology.

  • Maintenance

    We specialize in the maintenance of large-scale software systems, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to ensure timely updates, upgrades, and enhancements. Additionally, we provide dedicated client support to ensure seamless operation and satisfaction.

  • General Contracting

    Planning, budgeting, scheduling, hiring subcontractors, obtaining permits, and ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations.

  • General Supplying

    We act as a one-stop shop for various goods and supplies, providing a wide range of products and materials to businesses and individuals.

  • Business development

    We assist businesses in recognizing and seizing growth opportunities, cultivating new relationships, and propelling their revenue growth.

Check out our Integrated Livestock Management System

Our awesome team

At Mzenga Capital, we believe in the power of collaboration and diversity to drive innovation and deliver exceptional results. Our team is composed of passionate individuals with a shared vision and a collective drive to make a difference. Together, we bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.


Founder & CEO

As a skilled business developer, communicator and collaborator, Jean Marie excels in fostering strong relationships with clients and stakeholders. Their customer-centric approach and commitment to excellence make them a valuable asset to our team.

Valentin Rwerekane


With expertise in Software Development, Valentin is a seasoned professional who brings years of experience to the table. Their dedication, creativity, and attention to detail are invaluable assets that contribute to our success.

Maurice Ndashimye


Known for their strategic thinking, Maurice is an indispensable member of our team. Their ability to analyze complex problems and devise innovative solutions sets them apart, driving us forward.

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We'd love to hear from you! Whether you have a question, need assistance, or want to explore potential collaborations, we're here to help. Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to provide personalized support and guidance tailored to your unique needs. Get in touch with us today by filling out the contact form below, and we'll be in contact with you shortly. Let's embark on a journey together to achieve your goals!